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Chocolate, an exciting & fascinating material

A word which alone arouses sensations, the happiness of discovery, of the smell, of the inimitable taste which seems, all of a sudden, to make our mouths water!

Is there any other delicacy whose only evocation arouses so much desire and passion? Are there other ingredients that can give concrete form to the ideas and creativity of confectioner artists turned chocolate makers? It's unlikely!

It allows all creative fantasies, it gives birth to so many pleasures, it underlines the precious moments that make up the fabric of a life. We have a real passion for it which is expressed in our art, in our unique recipes that we offer you in this prestigious boutique.

For it is in Paris that we have decided to pay tribute with our chocolate factory. The city of light. The city of fashion, of gastronomy, of a certain madness! The capital of sweet France is known to be the capital of lovers, isn't it? Well, learn that it is also the capital of chocolate in all its forms!

Chocolats de Paris

We invite you to visit our chocolate collections, to take the time to visualize our boxes, our caramels, our boxed chocolates or our pralines. Through them and their iconic names, revisit the lively streets and fabulous monuments of this city that makes you dream! Enjoy all these sweet delicacies which are our creative and chocolatey tribute to the one that constantly inspires us in Paris!

Chocolate is an integral part of our memory, our emotions, our memories. It is this unique aspect of chocolate that Paris Chocolat wishes to celebrate.

By combining the rich flavours of cocoa with the historical imprint of the French capital, Paris Chocolat transports your taste buds into a unique world of sweet pleasures.


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