Our commitments (GTC)

general terms and conditions of sale



The online shop of Paris Chocolat was set up by the company Paris Chocolat (SAS registered at the RCS of Carcassonne under the number B 527 515 985 with the share capital of 50 000 €, whose head office is located at La tuilerie , 11 190 LUC SUR AUDE), which is the operator of the webwebsite (hereinafter the website) hosted at the URL address Www.parischocolat.com. Any order taken in respect of a product appearing in the online shop of the webwebsite parischocolat.com presupposes the prior consultation of these general conditions.
As a result, the consumer acknowledges Be fully informed that its agreement concerning the contents of these general conditions does not require the handwritten signature of this document, insofar as it wishes to order on-line the products presented in the context of the shop of website.
The consumer has the ability to back up or edit these general terms and conditions, as both the backup and the edition of this document fall within its sole responsibility.
The online store set up by the Paris Chocolat Company in the framework of the webwebsite mentions the following information:
-legal notice allowing a precise identification of the company Paris Chocolat;
-presentation of features of the proposed goods;
-indication, in French currency, of the price of goods, as well as, where appropriate, delivery costs;
-indication of payment, delivery, or execution modalities;
-the term of validity of the offer or Price;
-the conditions of termination of the contract when it is indefinite or longer than one year.
All of this information is presented in French. The consumer declares that they have full legal capacity to commit themselves under these general conditions.

The company PARIS CHOCOLAT manufactures all its products on its production website of LUC sur AUDE (France).

To contact customer Service:
Email: Contact@parischocolat.com

Article 1: Entirety

These general terms and conditions express the full obligations of the parties. In this sense, the consumer is deemed to accept fully the provisions laid down in these general conditions.
No general or specific condition contained in the documents sent or delivered by the consumer shall be be incorporated into the present, since these documents would be incompatible with these general conditions.

Article 2: Purpose and Duration

The purpose of these general terms and conditions is to define the rights and obligations of the Parties in connection with the online sale of goods proposed by the company PARIS CHOCOLAT to the consumer.
These general conditions come into force at the The date of signature of the purchase order.
The present general conditions are concluded for the duration necessary for the supply of the ordered goods, until the expiry of the guarantees due by the company PARIS CHOCOLAT.

Article 3: Modification of the website and these GTC

These GTC are subject to change at any time. In this case, the products supplied by PARIS CHOCOLAT are subject to the GTC in force at the time of the order by the customer. Any order after the entry into force of new GTC is subject to these new GTC.
PARIS CHOCOLAT reserves the right to modify or change at any time the pages of the website www.parischocolat.com, the products, their price or the conditions of use applicable to them. These changes will come into effect as soon as they are put online on the webwebsite www.parischocolat.com.

Article 4: Electronic Signature

The consumer's "double click" for the purchase order is an electronic signature that has, between the parties, the same value as a handwritten signature.

Article 5: Registration and use of the website

contact@parischocolat.com and/or write to PARIS CHOCOLAT, La Tuilerie, 11 190 LUC SUR AUDE. The registered user has one or more personal and confidential login (s) and password (s). These should not be communicated or shared with third parties. In no event shall PARIS CHOCOLAT be responsible for the loss of these usernames and/or passwords. In the event that the registered user uses these items contrary to their destination, Paris Chocolat reserves the right to terminate the contract (s) binding them to Paris Chocolat and to suspend and/or close the account (s) of the registered user Without notice. The registered user is solely responsible for the use of these identification elements by third parties or for actions or declarations made through him, whether fraudulent or not. The registered user guarantees Paris Chocolat against any request in this respect. In addition, Paris Chocolat is not in a position to check the accuracy of the information transmitted by the persons at the time of registration on the website, Paris Chocolat will not be held responsible in case of usurpation of the identity of a Registrant. If the registered user as well as any other person, came to realize that a use of his account is made in fraud of his rights, without his knowledge, or even that the identity of a person has been usurped, they can inform immediately Paris Chocolat By email at the address contact@parischocolat.com and/or write to Paris CHOCOLAT, La Tilery, 11 190 LUC SUR AUDE.
The price and terms of payment of the various products are available on the webwebsite Paris Chocolat when presenting and using the services to which the registered user wishes to access or subscribe. PARIS CHOCOLAT strives to ensure the quality of the content of this website and ensures its regular updating. In addition, information from third parties communicated on this website, if any, is under their sole responsibility. If, however, the registered user comes to notice the presence of information provided by third parties likely to be detrimental to Paris Chocolat, the latter will inform Paris Chocolat without delay to the following e-mail address contact@parischocolat.com , specifying in the subject of his message the reason for this mail and in the body of the message, a link in the website referring to the content contentious as well as, when this is Possible, a "copy and paste" of the contentious content.

Article 6: Order Confirmation

The contractual information will be confirmed by e-mail at the latest at the time of delivery or otherwise, at the address indicated by the consumer within the purchase order.

Article 7: Product Information

The company PARIS CHOCOLAT presents on its webwebsite products for sale with the necessary characteristics that allow to comply with article L 111-1 of the consumer Code which provides the possibility for the potential consumer to know before The final order taking the essential characteristics of the products he wants to buy.

The offers presented by the Paris Chocolat Company are only valid within the limits of the stocks available. The company PARIS CHOCOLAT presents on its webwebsite products for sale with the necessary characteristics which allow to comply with article L 111-1 of the consumer Code which provides the possibility for the potential consumer to know before the Final order taking the essential characteristics of the products he wants to buy.
The offers presented by the Paris Chocolat Company are only valid within the limits of the stocks available.

Article 8: Price

1-The prices of our products are indicated in euros all taxes included (VAT + other taxes) excluding participation in processing and shipping costs (see time and costs).
Prices are only valid on the date of shipment of the purchase order by the Consumer.
They do not take into account the delivery charges, charged in addition, and indicated before the order is validated.
Prices take into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order and any change in the applicable VAT rate will automatically be passed on to the price of the products of the online store.
2 – for deliveries and services outside French territory, the provisions of the general tax Code relating to VAT will be applicable.
In the case of an order to a country other than metropolitan France, the product remains subject to VAT, since distance sales are not considered to be intra-Community transfers. For all products shipped outside the European Union and DOM-TOM, the price will be calculated without taxes automatically on the invoice. Customs duties or other local taxes or import duties or state taxes may be payable. These rights and sums do not fall within the purview of PARIS CHOCOLAT. They will be the responsibility of the purchaser and are responsible for its full liability, both in terms of declarations and payments to the competent authorities and/or bodies of his country. Paris CHOCOLAT advises the buyer to learn about these aspects from his local authorities.
3 – Paris Chocolat reserves the right to change its prices at any time but the products will be charged on the basis of the rates in force at the time of the validation of the order.
4-The products remain the property of Paris Chocolat until the full payment of the price.
5-payment of the entire price must be made when ordering. At no time will the sums paid be considered as a deposit or a deposit.
6-the products sold on the website are reserved for private individuals.

Article 9: Method of payment

The orders are paid by credit card or by cheque.
However, the Paris Chocolat Company reserves the right to suspend any order management and delivery in the event of a refusal to pay by credit card from the Officially accredited organizations or in the event of non-payment. The Paris Chocolat Company reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or to honor an order from a consumer who would not have fully or partially settled a previous order or with which a payment dispute would being administered.
The debit of the card is carried out when the order is validated.
Transactions are made via the secure payment Terminal CYBERPLUS payment from the popular bank. This terminal ensures data confidentiality with SSL encryption. It respects the PCI DSS security standards for storing and circulating sensitive data.
In the case of payment by bank cheque, it must be issued by a bank domiciled in metropolitan France or Monaco.
The upgrade The cheque is cashed at the receipt of the cheque.
In order to allow Paris Chocolat to manage the order best, the check will be sent to Paris Chocolat within 2 business days following validation of the order, La Tuilerie, 11 190 LUC sur AUDE.

Article 10: Availability of products

The availability (present or future) of the products and services offered is given on the website as an indication. Our order acknowledgment definitely validates this availability.

Article 11: Terms of delivery

Products are delivered in France and Europe, at the address indicated by the consumer on the order form. The consumer is informed of the amount of the port charges before ordering according to the chosen location and delivery method.
In the event of a delay in shipping, an email will be sent to the consumer to inform him of any consequence on the date of delivery that was indicated to him. PARIS CHOCOLAT can then offer it by mail a new delivery date. In any event, in case of a delay of more than 7 days, the consumer has the legal possibility to cancel his order within a period of 60 working days. In this case, if he received the product after its cancellation, PARIS CHOCOLAT will reimburse the price of the product and the costs of return, upon receipt of it, complete and in its original state. br/> The consumer is obliged to check the condition of the packing of the goods on delivery and to report the damage due to the carrier on the delivery slip, as well as to the company PARIS CHOCOLAT, on the day of the reception or at the latest on the first working day According to the reception.
Any anomaly concerning the delivery (damage, missing product in relation to the delivery order, damaged parcel, damaged products...) must be indicated on the delivery order in the form of "reserves With the signature of the client. The consumer must make any claim for error of delivery and/or non-conformity of the products in kind or in quality to the company PARIS CHOCOLAT on the same day of delivery or at the latest on the first business day following delivery. To the information on the order description. Any claims made beyond this time limit will be rejected.
Any claim not made in the rules defined above and within the specified time limits shall not be taken into account and will relieve the Paris Chocolat Company of any liability vis Consumer.
In the event of a delivery error, any product to be exchanged or reimbursed must be returned to the company Paris CHOCOLAT as a whole and in its original packaging, preferably by Colissimo recommended, at the following address: SAS Paris Chocolat, La Tuilerie, 11 190 LUC sur AUDE
In order to be accepted, any return must be notified beforehand to the customer Service of the company Paris Chocolat.
The shipping costs are reimbursed by the Paris Chocolat Company, except in the event that it proves that the product listed does not correspond to the Declaration of Origin made by the consumer in the return voucher.
In this case the parcels would be returned to us in Iasps (does not live at the address indicated, the chocolates being a perishable and particularly fragile, the products would Not re-shipped. The order could not be refunded and the eventual re-dispatch will be at the sponsor's whole costs: chocolates + shipping costs.

 Tableauxfraisdeport-Paris-chocolat. jpg

Article 12: Force Majeure

In case of force majeure, the parties will be allowed to cancel the contract or postpone the delivery date until the case of force majeure ceases, even if a fixed delivery date had been previously agreed; In this case neither the purchaser nor Third parties will not be able to claim compensation on the part of the seller. By force majeure is heard any event outside the control of the parties, directly or indirectly related to the manufacture, sale or delivery of the goods which prevent the seller from executing the contract.

Article 13: Right of withdrawal

Under the provisions of article 121-18 of the consumer Code, the registered user is entitled to a right of withdrawal.
However, this withdrawal period of 14 free days shall not be exercised in accordance with the exception provided for in article L 121-20-2 3 ° of the consumer Code as soon as the service concerned "(...) Goods which, because of their nature, cannot be reconsigned or are likely to deteriorate or expire quickly (...)
Accordingly, only products resulting from an error as a result of the Paris Chocolat Company may be returned to the latter in accordance with the provisions of article 11 above.

Article 14: Guarantee

PARIS CHOCOLAT undertakes to give the consumer a good or a service according to his request. In order to know the steps related to the after-sales service, the customer can contact the customer service. The customer benefits from the legal guarantee of conformity and the hidden defects on the products sold.

Article 15: Partial Non-Validation

If one or more stipulations of these general conditions are held for invalid or declared such pursuant to an Act, a regulation or following a final decision of a competent court, the other provisions Will keep all their strength and reach.

Article 16: Non-Waiver

The fact that one of the parties does not avail itself of a breach by the other party to any of the obligations referred to in these general conditions cannot be construed for the future as a waiver of the obligation in question.

Article 17: Computer Law and freedoms

In accordance with the provisions of the amended computer and liberties law, the webwebsite www.parischocolat.com was declared and registered with the CNIL under the number 1467335VO. You have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete your personal data.
If you wish to exercise your right mentioned above or no longer receive these commercial proposals, simply modify your subscription by sending an e-mail specifying your request to the customer service of PARIS CHOCOLAT: inscription@parischocolat.com . We will confirm by return the consideration of your application within a maximum period of two months, in accordance with the regulations in force.
The information collected is intended solely for the use of the Paris Chocolat SAS, and does not will not be communicated to potential partners.

Article 18: Intellectual Property

The website and all its elements (blog, brands, logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos) remains in any hypothesis the strict exclusive intellectual property of PARIS CHOCOLAT and cannot be reproduced, used or represented under pain of Prosecution. The rights conferred on the user shall in no way go beyond the strict personal use of the document and its elements, in accordance with its intended purpose, excluding any commercial use. Therefore, the consumer will not, in any way, exploit, rebroadcast and in general use, in any capacity whatsoever, all or part of the website or its elements for purposes other than strict private and personal use.
The consumer is informed that the latter is however entitled to reproduce this paper in a reasonable number of copies and to the extent that such reproductions are compatible with strict conservation This document.
The present general conditions shall not entail any transfer of intellectual property rights which may be implemented under the order made. The website and all its elements (brands, logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos) are and will remain the exclusive property of PARIS CHOCOLAT.

H3 > Article 19: Applicable law

The language of this contract is the French language. This contract is subject to the French law. In the event of a dispute, the courts of Carcassonne will be competent alone.
In the event of a dispute or complaint, the consumer will address the company PARIS CHOCOLAT in priority to obtain an amicable solution.

To contact customer Service:
email: contact@parischocolat.com

Personal Data

Any required field (symbolized by a star) not validly completed prohibits you from pursuing your account creation.
The information collected is subject to computer processing initiated by PARIS CHOCOLAT, SAS registered under the SIREN number B 527 515 985 with a share capital of 50 000 €, whose registered office is located at the tile factory, 11 190 LUC SUR AUDE.
This treatment is for the sole management of your user account and has been the subject of a declaration to the national Commission Computer science and freedoms.
If you wish to receive promotional offers and other commercial operations, we invite you to check the box dedicated to this effect.
The recipients of the data are the employees of the company PARIS CHOCOLAT providing commercial service. In no case will your data be transmitted to a third party.
In accordance with the law " Computer Science and freedom " of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access and rectify the information that concerns you. If you wish to exercise this right and obtain information about yourself, please contact PARIS CHOCOLAT at the address mentioned above.
You may also, for legitimate reasons, oppose the treatment of Data about you.
Additional information about our Privacy policy is available here (see next article). Finally you can correct most of your personal information through the management page of your user account.

our commitments to your personal data

The visitor acknowledges having read this legal notice.
Collection and retention of your data
Any use of free or paid services from the Www.parischocolat.com webwebsite or the Www.parischocolat.com/magazine BLOG implies the voluntary transmission of personal data.
Your bank data is not kept by our webwebsite but by the computer system of our banking institution or online payment service.
In order to post a Comment on the BLOG, you are free not to give your real surname name to the benefit of a pseudonym, and to use an email address not letting you guess your identity, in which case the collected data being anonymous, the provisions The following do not apply to you.
According to the law "informatiques et libertés" of January 6, 1978, the file constituted by these data and the uses that can be made thereof, have been the subject of a declaration to the national Commission Informatique et liberties.
by this Declaration we are committed to making a fair use of your data. This implies that we will not transmit this data to third parties without your prior consent.

Transmission of data to third parties

We are committed not to forward our customer file and your data to third parties for commercial prospecting.
As authorized by the law, Paris Chocolat reserves the possibility of transmitting certain data to subcontractors in The strict limit of the needs raised by your access to the service. Each person who has access to your data is committed to providing protection and confidentiality.
The information collected on the blog is the subject of a computer processing for the sole management of your comment within the blog . The IP address of visitors and people leaving a comment is also kept for the purposes of statistical analysis of website attendance.



We undertake not to solicit you commercially by email unless you expressly accept it.

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Browsing and posting comments on our website may involve the implementation of a "cookie" in your computer. A "cookie" is a file that does not allow us to identify you; On the other hand, it records information about the navigation of your computer on our website (the pages you have viwebsited, the date and time of the consultation, etc.) that we can read during your subsequent visits.
The duration of Storing this information in your computer is 30 days from the first connection.
We inform you that you can object to the registration of "Cookies " By configuring your browser in the following way:
for Mozilla Firefox: choose the menu "tool " and then "Options " click on the icon "privacy " Locate the Menu "Cookie " and select the options that suit you.
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for Netscape 6. X and 7. X: Choose the menu "edit " and then "preferences " privacy and security Cookies
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Personal data collected on the occasion of your orders will not be kept beyond the time strictly necessary for the management of the business relationship. Thus, in case of no use (login) of your account, we commit to delete your data after 10 years from the end of the year or the last activity was found
Nevertheless, the law obliges us to keep the data necessary for the establishment of proof of a right or contract which can be archived in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Code relating to the shelf-life of books and documents Created in the context of commercial activities and the consumer code relating to the conservation of contracts concluded electronically. For these operations The shelf life is ten years.
Exercising your rights:
In accordance with the law "informatiques et libertés" of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access and rectify the information that concerns you. If you wish to exercise this right and obtain information about yourself, please contact Paris Chocolat To the address listed below. You can also, for legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of your data.

SAS Paris Chocolat